Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rising Moon

Has the month of May gone already!?? Where, please tell me, where did it go? I suppose, and people have always told me that time becomes so fleeting the longer we live on this earth. I believe it. Time was so plentiful when I was Jaron & Sierra's age. No feeling that the days slip away so fast. Don't get me wrong....I enjoy every one of my days and thank God for them! The days are poetic, like many different textures sewn together, over and around each other...they are truly the days of our lives-rich and often beautiful.

Here is another promised page, several weeks in coming but finished today...It was inspired during our drive back from College Station one night when the moon was large and orange on the horizon, so beautiful. I was actually feeling kind of blue at the time, upset about...something that I can't remember now...but upon seeing it, in contrast to our chaotic world, it was a vision we can count on, every month or so. The thought and site took my breath away and inspired me to praise God for His constancy in my life.....

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sallyt said...

OH, very cool! I love how you represented the landscape with all of the mishmash of life! Super piece. Btw, I realize all these comments are on old stuff but I haven't really been on line much in a while so I'm just now seeing it. Keep up the great work!