Monday, March 17, 2008


Enough testing different glues on different surfaces for different lengths of time....! Sometimes you gotta just dive in and DO it! It's a little difficult to see but I painted my board a iridescent copper using a heavy body Golden acrylic. Then, I used Weldbond adhesive to glue each of the iridescent blue and copper colored glass tiles on the border. The Weldbond instructions say the longer you wait, the stronger it holds, so I'm going to let it set for several days weighted down with some heavy 12 x 12 leftover floor tiles we have hanging around. Cross your fingers! If all goes well, I can begin gluing my homemade tiles. I borrowed some more stamps from my friend Sally T. You wouldn't believe her studio (was a garage!), she's got bins and bins of stamps, mounted and unmounted, and she says I can borrow whenever I want. Check out her blog (IMAGINE THIS), if you haven't already. She is a fabulous artist, and relatively undiscovered (not for long!)....Stay tuned!

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