Friday, June 1, 2007

Cryin' in your beer song....

They begged me to do it....!! Honestly, I didn't feel "ready." I have been so crazy with all the kids' activities that I didn't think I could get a performable song ready in time for the talent show at work. Well, they made me do it anyway...And, they put me last in the line-up! The girl that went before me sang this beautiful gospel medley including "Amazing Grace" a Capella! So, here I come to finish things off with a "cryin' in your beer" song--a Dixie Chicks song called Cold Day in July. And yes, I did mention I like their music, but not their political views!! Anyway, I ended up with 2nd place and $75.00. Not bad, I you think there's a career in it?!

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