Sunday, December 28, 2008

It REALLY Snows in Flagstaff!

Who would have believed that 28 miles and elevation change of 2700 ft. would account for this much snow. Seriously, there was NO snow and it was a nice 45 degrees in Sedona, and then, in Flagstaff it was 23 degrees with 4-5 inches on the ground and that much more expected overnight! We warm-bloods from Texas were not prepared at all. We still had fun, though!

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Arteefaque: (är'tə-fākt') * said...

These are beautiful photo's! I have had several visits to your blog and the snow pictures are lovely! Where I live it never snows or really gets below 50.f.The coldest place I have ever been is Australian Antarctica (Mawson Base). It didn't snow but it was -32.f and that was summer! I still recall the perfect crunching of my boots on the ice pack and how because there are no birds and everything was still it was like one could hear the 'crunch' echo for nothing adventurous or explorer-ish. I was stationed there with my job for 2 months a few years ago now. Enjoyed looking at your snow!