Saturday, July 19, 2008

Have you read this!?

Broken by William Cope Moyers.
Wow! What a story! I almost stopped reading it four times. It was so painful to read. This is the story of Bill Moyers (the journalist who worked in the White House with Lyndon B. Johnson). The guy is about my age, born in 1959, had a very priviledged life, really gifted in writing, had a very supportive family. He ended up getting addicted to crack cocaine. It's the story of how he attempted treatment at Hazelden Center in Minneapolis, then relapsed over and over ending up in crack houses for days on end...his family never giving up on him, sometimes dragging him out of those places, half dead....But finally, he has come out of it, surrendering, giving it all to God. He said, "Ok God, I'm done." Amazing...I'm finding out, more and more, God is intervening in people's lives who are calling out to him. See actor Stephen Baldwin, heavy metal guitarist from Korn, Brian Welch, Josh Hamilton from the Texas Rangers....Above are my collages in response to this book called Broken (a journey from addiction to redemption).................................

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sallyt said...

HI, Stacy. Hey, girl, these two collages are very powerful. I love them both. Isn't it terrific how when you really have some "meaning" or "feeling" about something, the art is so moving and nearly always great? Anyway, I love these.