Saturday, April 12, 2008

Art Journal 3

And here is my latest Art Journal page!!

My First Mosaic....FINISHED!

I'm so excited to have this finished! I fretted and babied it, filled in the narrow spaces with little beads. It's been sitting here for about a week or so staring at me. I kept asking it, "Are you finished?" Sierra answered for me, "It's finished, Mom, it doesn't need anything else." I thought she was right. I know she is. I sat out in the sun this morning after spraying some archival acrylic spray on it. It seemed to dull the shiny stones and such somewhat, but does not seem to take anything away. I wanted to preserve it since it will be actually USED as a small tabletop. And not just hung on a wall. I do like that type of art form. Usable or useful ART! I am quite pleased with the outcome. And I really hope you all like it too!